Photograph the best of the World with our Tours

Photo World Tours offers photography workshops that are focused on having you get better acquainted with your camera. The novice/beginner photographer workshops are hands-on with guidance through tutorials on getting to know how to use your camera in a manual mode. We will cover basic terminology, camera settings, shooting in manual mode and picking the right lens for the job.

You will put the theory from this photo workshop to use, tactile reinforcement for learning. Our instructors are versed in many well know camera brands such as Nikon, Canon, Olympus, and Sony so we can help you to get started right away.

By the end of this beginner photography course you will have expertise on how to gain better control of your camera to take better photos.

Come join us and sign up today because classroom size is limited.

The Fundamental of Photography

  • Camera Ready (What do all those dials and buttons do?)
    • Digital Camera Usability
    • Camera Size and weight
    • Digital Megapixels / resolution
    • Point & Shoot vs Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras
    • Full Frame
  • Lenses
    • Zoom
    • Prime
    • Macro
  • Focusing
    • Manual
    • Autofocus
      • Single Area
      • Dynamic AF with Focus Tracking and Lock-on
      • Closest Subject Priority Dynamic AF
      • Group Dynamic AF
      • Continuous or AI Servo
  • Manual Mode
    • Fstop
    • Shutter Speeds
    • ISO
  • Aperture Priority
  • Shutter Speed Priority
  • Program.
  • Metering Modes

Be sure to check our Calendar for available dates and times.