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Photo World Tours – Grand Mission and Philosophical Endeavors – New Orleans

Providing the highest standard of photography training is our goal. Helping you meet your objectives of becoming a better photographer is how we plan to help. We share in the passion of you fulfilling your creative dreams.

When your desire is combined with our instruction, your photography skills will shine through. The true value of our classes is a lifelong experience you will enjoy every time you get behind the lens of your camera.

We have helped many people achieve their goals of becoming better photographers with the help of hands-on training. Theory put to use is the method in which our students have come to trust. Conventional methodology is based on the concept of memorization so you can merely pass a test, but we do not subscribe to that method. The only test you will have is challenging yourself to apply the techniques you have learned and put them to the test.

Using a peer to peer approach, we help each other become better photographers and more proficient at our skills.

Come join us and be part our our welcoming team of photographers. We offer a place to grow and have fun, while learning photography in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.