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Barranco Peru Photo World Tours churchesThe colorful architecture and the lovely people make this a great spot for our tour to grab a bite to eat and start shooting later in the day.

The bohemian heart of the city, Barranco represent both old world charm and an example of a middle class trying to surface. Quaint shops and street performers take up most of the day.Barranco Peru Pisco Sour

Churches are a symbol of the deep seated convictions of the Peruvian people with the ancient traditions of both the native cultures and Catholicism mixed heavily in the mix.

Art plays a vital part of the day to day life of most Peruvians. Many of the homes display beautiful works of art to all to see from their front porches.

Pisco Sours are a drink of the Peruvian locals. This Friday in San Martin we were surrounded by vendors offering this local intoxicating beverage.